Objectives of P.N.C.&K.R.School of Nursing:

To establish schools, colleges and institutions such as school of nursing that may impart education to an individual to develop physically, Mentally and economically to make them highes citizen.

Course : 31/2 years Diplomna in General Nursing & Midwifery

Seats : 45

Faculty : P.N.C.& K.R. School of Nursing has appointed a disciplined and dedicated as its principal. Fully experienced graduate and post graduate tutors appointed as teaching staff and tests will be conducated regularly.

Examinations : Nursing Examinations are conducted by the Directorate of Medical Education, Govt. of A.P., Hyderabad and issues a valid certificate for successful candidates.

Certificate : The Certificate issued through Directorate of Medical Education and Registration at Nursing Council is valid by ALl India and even by World Red Cross Society, W.H.O., etc., and other states and Republics.

Free Transport : From nursing school to teaching attached hospital is completely free. Identity card is must to avail this facility.